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The franchise system MYS

We offer the ability to conduct the sale under the name of MYS, full of know-how and an attractive, self-financing system supply store not requiring an excessive involvement of their funds.

Description franchise system MYS

The franchise system "MYS handmade & custom" already we have implemented in Spain and is now we implement it in Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

Boutiques MYS is the idea of a new, exclusive showroom multibranding characterized by the features unavailable in any other boutique. showroom MYS is a boutique of high-quality handmade shoes MYS, MYS handbags, exchangeable accessories to them supplemented of the highest quality clothing by young designers which is a great synergy of a sales and a unique offer on the market. Until now the biggest boutique MYS was made in Spain, in the exclusive district of Madrid - Salamanca. Our boutiques are characterized by a high level of service, innovation that stands out showroom from the competition, coherent organizational culture, optimism and success.

Products MYS in accordance with extension of MYS link name to Make Your Style is possible to purchase both versions available for the showroom as well as customer has the opportunity redesign them into his style (color change of the each elemetn, change the types of material used) and pick up the modified product in the showroom. Products MYS MYS link have a another unique feature - the possibility of impose exchangeable additives that make the one pair of shoes becomes a variable as of its owner needs for work and after the imposition exchangeable add-ons to go for lunch or meeting friends - all thanks to the patented technology MYS link corresponding for the convenience of such a solution. MYS link Products MYS are handmade with many unique materials (in addition to standard leather include leather stingrays, fur, plaited), and the only ones on the market have a as 36 months warranty.

Estimated total investment

  1. The cost of showroom adaptation depends on the state of the premises and the scope of necessary changes
  2. The investment cost associated with the arrangement of the showroom is about 300-400 zł netto/m2.
  3. Cost product in traded: about 700-900 zł netto/m2 as collateral.
  4. Minimum investment amount: 40 000 zł (35 m2) - 120 000 zł net (100 m2)
  5. With the high commissions and a deferred payments instantly most often achieved breakeven point.

Main requirements

  1. Premises with an area of 35-100 m2 (depending on commercial potential of of the city) and an attractive location.
  2. Readiness for adaptation the premises in accordance with the requirements the brand.
  3. Adequate financial resources allowing to cover the costs of the initial investment.
  4. Professionalism and substantive preparation needed to run the store - industry experience is welcome, but not necessary.
  5. Implementation of exceptional standard of customer service MYS which because of the quality level of the products sold is for us very important element.

Support for Partner

Our partners we provide creation of the best bid on many levels. We are open and always directed to your needs. Partners we provide among others:

  1. High commissions from the sale, usually at the level of 200% of the purchase price. The franchisee earns even 100% of the difference between the purchase price and sale.
  2. Low purchase price of products, from which 50-70% of the value is taken as prepayment and the remaining is issued as a 90-day deadline for payment guarantees no the need to involve the following agents through further self-financing profit from the sale.
  3. None charges for to join the network or for participation in the network.
  4. Permanent support and ready to raise the qualifications of the employees of the Partner.
  5. Making available marketing and PR tool, including information about the boutique on the sides of the MYS and assistance in the development of the project.

Shop franchising MYS is a fully fledged unit in the network - prices and promotions are the same as in the rest of the place. By participating in the group, the Partner can count on a much better start, a safe investment and sustainable development of its business.

Contract and additional information

The agreement, which we use in cooperation franchise is adapted to international cooperation and in accordance with the principles of fair play is concluded always on equal terms.

Decide to cooperate with us, you can count on true partnership and assistance in the implementation of its investment plans. We are competent in every respect, so we can lead the entire project step by step and crown the success whole implementation.

We also have a broad portfolio carried out of Fashion shows (including New York Brooklyn Fashion Week, Casino Poland & Fashion TV), event (including The Gallery Dusseldorf, Look Of The Year), TV shows (including Good Morning TVN) and cooperation between celebrities and bloggers, which positively reflects on the sales.

Having a already at work an international system of re-franchising also looking for a main dealer (masterfranchisee) willing to cooperate in a wide horizon, in other countries - we are open to combining different types of cooperation. We are already in conversation with franchisees in Germany, France, Russia, the Ukraine and also started expansion in the United Arab Emirates.

We are interested in running showrooms in selected cities, over 20 thousand residents.

How to start: Before proceeding to the project MYS, comes to the meetings with the future partner and discusses the thoroughly the terms of cooperation. What can count from the MYS and what the company expects from him in return. At the meeting, also be present our products to Partner be able to literally feel the quality guaranteed by MYS. After this meeting, when the parties decide on further steps is discussed in detail investment. After the acceptance of both parties accede to formalize activities and write down the appropriate partnership agreements and sales. Before the boutique will run Partner is fully prepared to welcome the first customers. The whole time partner is in close contact with the MYS and depending on your needs can count on a solid support.

Have any questions? Feel free to write to us at or use the contact form.

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